5 $ and below TTlx partout parts left over !!

Alright i have this stuff laying in my garage sitting there taking up space i am no longer in the moped world and no longer need this stuff so i really just want it gone. All of the stuff is from a Red ttlx i sold some of the parts( rims, Forks, Carb headlight) a wile ago but still have a couple stuff laying arouns. Buyer pays shipping

Im not 100% sure on what i got so just ask me if you need somethign and i might have it.

1.) Gastank Fair/ good condition, no major dents or anything like that just the paint is faided and will need a paint job ~ 5$ ~

2.) Seat very good condition no rips. ~ 5$ ~

3.) Fame with swinger would seperate if someone wanted, pickup would be easier but i have no problem shipping just buyer has to pay. ~ 10$ ~

4.) Handle bars withe levers and mirriors not bent good cond ~ 5$ ~

5.) Compleat motor minus carb, cylinder is trashed needs bore and new piston, Head is good dome looks to be in great shape bottom end appears to be in good working condition moves freely, all electrical is included too and sprocket, MAKE AN OFFER !

You can have all the parts for 50 $ + shiiping or pick up?

imm sure theres more stuff laying around will check all the parts listed above tomorrow and snap some quick pics and see what elese i have,

you can email me at willyskater5@netzero.com

Re: 5 $ and below TTlx partout parts left over !!

Email sent.

Do not worry, I did not ask for everything.

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