helmet in richmond virginia?

well i mean i'm trying to pack up my moped and hit the road for points west but certain things slower then a moped itself are the the things like trying to acquire gear for a trip when your living out of a soupcan on nickels and dimes eating old bubble gum off the street. so if anyone in richmond has a helmet lying around that they want to just give away or sell for cheap as hell, well that would be great. a full face would be nice but beggars can't be choosers and so long as i got something up on my head that would be better then nothing and the poiice won't pull me over. i got a phone and its (928)830-6565 or email me. thanks. adam

Re: helmet in richmond virginia?

hey adam, did you try that silver Medium full face that Local Hero Matt Left? I've got it at Alicia's house if you want it. yup yup!

Re: helmet in richmond virginia?

aw damn. no i didn't. i did hear the rumor that matt left a bunch of helmets behind so i was hoping a stray would surface. how do i get in touch with that one or alicia if its up for the grabs.

Re: helmet in richmond virginia?

fish_SHARK /

yo adam, best of luck to you. and if you ever make it down to florida send out an email and we will ride

Re: helmet in richmond virginia?

yeah, I asked alicia and she dosen't want it, she already has a helmet... I'll send you an e-mail with her number and addres, woo! it's yours, safe as pasta! yay

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