WTB: Good HT Coil

NOVI coils suck. I used to believe that HT coils rarely failed, but this is _not_ true for novis. Im not even gonna get into that right now.

Anyways, all i need is an HT coil thats in good shape that i can use on me 1976 motobecane 50v. I can just drill and make fit to bolt right up and then i will be happy forever not having to deal with shitty electrical.

Anything you got. Puch, sachs, batavus, generic i dont give a what.

Oh, and i dunno if itd matters but i guess i'd need the two terminal, NOVI-esque setup (plug wire terminal and points terminal) as opposed to the three terminal setup ive seen on some bikes... i dunno what that third terminal is but i dont want it if i dont need it.

also able to trade for some pretty decent moby parts

thanks a bunch


Re: WTB: Good HT Coil

nobody has spares laying around? please?

Re: WTB: Good HT Coil

3rd one's just a ground

Re: WTB: Good HT Coil

cool, thanks. Anyone got one? come on.

Re: WTB: Good HT Coil

Steve I have one you can have its just a regular old puch coil correct

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