"boxes" of type k thermocouples - egt/ch

hey kids.

so i work with this dude who in the past had owned an avionics company. i got talking with him about my moby and he says, shee-it, man, i got like BOXES of EGT/CHT thermocouples, all you need is a gauge and you're rockin. in-flight temperature monitoring / engine tuning like wari was talking about a few weeks ago.

i have yet to examine the goods but am interested to know if it'd be worth my while offering these up for sale to you folks if i can get them for a reasonable price. i'm sure he paid what they're worth but i'm also sure he's not using them now and not trying that hard to get rid of them. the CHT probes are apparently the type that replace a sparkplug washer (!) - how convenient can you get?

westach makes a nice 2" combo gauge but it seems like it runs in the $150 range. still reasonable if you ask me.

whatcha say, any takers?

i'll keep you all posted regardless.

- m

Re: "boxes" of type k thermocouples - eg

Jason Jason Bobason /

I might be interested, how much?

Re: "boxes" of type k thermocouples - eg

That would be awesome! If you wanted, you could hook up a multimeter. That would run you about $5 at harbor freight. It wouldn't look pretty, but it would probably save you when your engine starts to overheat.

Re: "boxes" of type k thermocouples - eg

I've got like 5 Fluke thermocouples and meters, they work great. You don't need to by a special probe. Simply twist the two wires together for about 1/4 of an inch; then solder them to a washer and install it on top of your cylinder on the stud, instant head temp reading on the fly.

I could be convinced to part with one or two if any one wants one, just let me know.

Re: "boxes" of type k thermocouples - eg

Forgot to add, for egt you'll need to drill a small hole in the header and solder your wire into the header so they are in the exhaust stream.

Re: "boxes" of type k thermocouples - eg

i like the egt/cht combo gauge from westach though for it's clean presentation, plus it's aircraft grade. my bike might shake more than i'd want to subject a $5 multimeter to for any length of time.

regardless i should be into these things in the next week or so, i'll keep you all posted.

Re: "boxes" of type k thermocouples - eg

Moped Game Sally Struthers /

i am very interested in this. email me when you have more details.

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