WTB E50 engine Bay Area

Alright, i've looked into this for a bit, can't seem to come up with anything!

I want to by an E50, mainly want the case, flywheel, clutch, and not as interested in the cylinders and carb.

I've been looking out on ebay, would rather pick it up from someone on moped army

Also willing to have it shipped if you have one, but would prefer picking it up from northern california


Re: WTB E50 engine Bay Area


let's see called Myrons ... no

went to choke in LA this weekend ... no

motomatic in Sac ... no

posted on craig's list... no

contacted Benji in SF.... no

am weary about Ebay as an external photo of an engine means nothing!

all i have left is erik from sunnyvale and i feel that going to be a ..... no

No one out there wants to sell me an e50 engine?

Re: WTB E50 engine Bay Area

) Cupermcnewbster ( /

Paitence. They will come. All I have are cases and I need those for a maxi I'm building. Someone has to have something.

Re: WTB E50 engine Bay Area

sorry still looking... thanks guys

Re: WTB E50 engine Bay Area

Amir. Keep looking. Take a deep breath and keep looking. Ebay Ebay Ebay.

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