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Yea, so I have a pedal chappy but its going to be a noped because my pipe gets in the way of the pedals. So I need that footrest bracket. It attaches under the motor, by the kickstand I believe. I tried to get one off of BikeBandit but turned out to be discontinued. I saw one on ebay once and fucking missed it. So if you have a chappy noped, let me know. I need that bracket. Just that, and I can polini around town.


Re: WTB: Chappy Footrest Bracket


I can't help you with what you are looking for but if its all complete i'd like to buy your old pedal assembly. My dad's friend took mine off and lost them when I was a kid and I'm fixing it up to start riding again. I don't even have the chain or front gear or anything. I prob won't need that if you don't have it since i'm sure I won't pedal anyway. I just need a place to put my feet! Let me know if you're interested in selling, I can't offer much for cash but if the price is right you'll definately be helping me out.

Thanks, Zach

Re: WTB: Chappy Footrest Bracket

the bracket might not fit around your new pipe either, it wraps around the exhaust header.. i got one off an older chappy and it didn't fit onto me pedal-mount-but-no-pedal-having chappy, so i ended up using some aftermarket bolt-on footpegs.

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