Re: F/S - Cheap Moby parts!!

Steve you see that moby in somersworth on craigs list for 75 bucks

Re: F/S - Cheap Moby parts!!

i called that guy and he still has not got back to me cause i know someone that wants a moby real bad but she lives like 400 miles away id buy that and ship it to her

steve the moby headlight might work for me il have to check it out a sachs one might work too

we will be up sunday you might have something else i might want so il be bored anyways so might as well go somewhere

Re: F/S - Cheap Moby parts!!

Downhill Harvey (OFMC) /

How much for the pedal shaft and pulley to 97214, Portland.

Re: F/S - Cheap Moby parts!!

oh man let this thread get away from me. There are still parts to be had, people.

NEW ITEM! Parts moby AV7 engine that is nothing more than a crank, cases, and seized top end. If you can get the cylinder unstuck, then youve got yourself a good extra crank and cases. $10 plus shipping.

Like i said, pretty much ANYTHING off those bikes you need including the entire frames themselves, name it and you got it... pretty much..

BTW things im looking to trade for are: A good condish HT coil, and a moby gas cap... preferably with a dipstick.

Re: F/S - Cheap Moby parts!!

Hi there,

I was wondering if you still have a speedo left? If so, how much including shipping to 48114, Michigan? thanks.

Re: F/S - Cheap Moby parts!!

ah sorry dude. i actually sent 2 to that dude who wanted 1. i couldnt decide which was nicer so i sent both. he'll be pleasantly suprised.

F/S - Cheap Moby parts!!

kim jensen /

Anyone know if those Moby pedal cranks and pedals will fit on a Vespa Bravo??? Are they a std wedge mount? I need a pair if they do!!


Re: F/S - Cheap Moby parts!!

bump for cheap parts people.

Re: F/S - Cheap Moby parts!!

tell me more about the bottom end of that av7 and i'll point you to a ring and piston for your malossi, if you still need it. ;)

bump for a great seller and fast shipper, that's steve'r

Re: F/S - Cheap Moby parts!!



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