FS Sachs Balboa Gas Tank

Nothing wrong with the exterior...no dents, no rust, pinholes. I had been painting it green but had to stop when my can gave me the finger and starting spitting paint on the tank. Those areas with spitted paint need to be sanded down. Underneath the green I had metal primer, and high heat paint.

Interior has gotten interesting. I stripped the tank with ZEP rust remover...worked great...got it real clean. Then I used a half can of Por 15 sealer that I had leftover from doing my puch the same night. Well, the sealer adhered fine to the lower half of the tank and did the job...however it did not do well with the upper half. The seal coat on the upper half seems to have a layer of air between the metal and the seal coat. So now there is flash rust within that space. The top side sealer needs to be taken off, and a new coat of sealer needs to be put in...this time left to dry with the top side on its back so gravity can help the sealer do its job.

Good tank, still got plenty of life left in it. No gas cap with it.

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