still need sprocket, petcock

i think a puch sprocket should work on my peugeot 102... is that true?

i also heard a batavus sprocket should work.

it should be around 45 teeth.

i also still need a french petcock. heck, even if it doesnt work and is stuck on reserve or something, it would be better than the US fuel fitting i have in there now. (not cross threaded, but close)

dont want to pay 30 dollars for a sprocket!


Re: still need sprocket, petcock


Re: still need sprocket, petcock

daFishSticks_SHARK /

ive got a 45t puch sprocket. i can get a photo and a measurment for you and you can decide if you want it.

Re: still need sprocket, petcock

daFishSticks_SHARK /

just sent you an email with photos and dimensions

Re: still need sprocket, petcock

Hello,We used to take Puch 36 tooth sprockets and modify them to run on Tsm and 103sp Peugeots to gain topend speed and I think the 102 is the same size hub as ours were.The most impotant thing is that the sprocket fits on the hub.It's easy just take your Peugeot sprocket and see how the holes line up with your Puch sprocket.From what I remember most of the mounting bolt holes line up.We might have had to drill a hole ot two but it's pretty straight forward.Also Motobecne rear sprockets are are a possible other option .I know that some fit but not all consult your Motbecane experts for further info,I just know Peugeot.Good luck

Re: still need sprocket, petcock

the puch 45t wont fit. ive got the kind with 4 lugs, 2 are farther apart than the others.

thanks though.

still need em.

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