looking to BUY malaguti head

Tim Weirenmann /

I have a Malaguti Commuter II and it needs a cylinder head.

It also needs a lamp, speedo, spark plug, brakes, wheels, tires, handlebars, exhaust pipe, and pedals, but first thing’s first….

Can anyone help me? I haven’t had luck finding Malaguti parts online.


Re: looking to BUY malaguti head

handybikes.com has tons of NOS malaguti parts

Re: looking to BUY malaguti head

Yup handybikes, also mopedwarehouse had some stuff too.

If it's the same as my 78 Commuter II it's got the Morini MO2 engine. I found the manual once online but i can't find it again, it was actually a Motobecane of USA manual. I'll try to check the bolt pattern tonight to see if anything else will fit.

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