OT: WTB: High End Pro Camcorder


so i figured since a lot of us moped dorks seem to be video dorks this would be a great place to post. I am in the middle of totally redoing our setup at work. We now have a full on STUDIO where we broadcast a weekly tv show.

We have been using pretty decent 3ccd JVC everio cameras so far and they work great, but... they lack a lot of options and they look horrible. In the new studio one of the camera angles will actually be controlled by a camera-man. So we would really like to have a better camera for that angle and one that looks more prefessional.

I have my eye on some gently used canon XL1's on ebay but im just not sure how much i trust buying one from some random ebay person. would much rather buy from someone i know isnt going to lie when they say "in good condition".

anyway check out the vid and let me know what you got. also looking for a really nice tripod.

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