Need 1981 honda express nc50

Hi, this is my first post here but i have been with a friend who uses this site daily (or use to) for a good source of moped needs.

i am in search for a 1981 honda express nc50 engine. and by engine i mean a new piston, and a new kick start.

the picture is not at the right angle and i do not have access to a digital camera at the moment. but the case that holds the kick start pedal broke, and i need a new one of those.

my moped friend told me it be best to just get a new engine itself, but we havent discussed it in awhile since the season changed and working outside sucks due to the cold.

so, is there anyone that can help me or point me to the right direction, please.


Re: Need 1981 honda express nc50

I have an engine without the cylinder, head and piston. Do you need a gear case cover or kick start lever? I have those parts.

Re: Need 1981 honda express nc50

thank you, i will contact u via email with more info

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here are some pictures to help show everyone what i am looking for, as well as how my moped currently looks.


Re: Need 1981 honda express nc50



Re: Need 1981 honda express nc50



Picture descritions

last one and describtionns.


Re: Picture descritions

sorry, accidently entered that in.

the problem with the moped was the piston siezed, and the piston cylinder and the other half of the piston housing thing got scratched up really badly.

when we fixed it up, we had to put new motor oil into the crank/kick start case, when putting it back together. one of the holes snapped. (In 4th picture, the left hole in the middle. sry my describtion of location isnt well but u can tell its broken due to its "odd" shape)

since both top end and bottom end of the engine is busted i was advice it be good to find a whole new engine.

so these parts are what im looking for if anyone has them.

picture 1 and 2 r of the other half of the crank case, which is in okay condition. but i added that incase someone thinks they have the right half i need, and to see if that half is the correct corresponding one.

picture 4 is a shot of the carbirator which i was also told i might need a new one, if anyone has it and think it looks bad and is indeed in need for replacement.


Re: Picture descritions

For the money you are about to spend on the replacement parts and a new engine, you could buy a ped in good running condition in CT or nearby. You may even locate a running Express and then you can save this one for a parts bike.

Just IMO


Re: Picture descritions

well thats probably going to be the ultimate solution, but in the mean time if i can fix this one at a less costing price then $250 then id be happy. the manual labor to fix it doesnt bother me.

Re: Need 1981 honda express nc50


So you need a complete running motor and case plus carb. Is that what you're looking for?

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in shorter words then i could have put it, yes. :-) (by case im assuming u mean the crank/kick start case?)

Need 1981 honda express nc50

I have 3 of the 2 speed motors that will fit your bike. I will sell any one of the 3 for $75 plus shipping. email me if you are interested. Good kicker covers and decent compression on all 3. Carb not included. I ahve lots of parts for these bikes thart I am selling. Let me know what you need.

Re: Need 1981 honda express nc50

ill contact you shortly :-) thanks

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