Kreidler Flory 2

I just bought a Kreidler Flory 2 like the one in this picture. I need some parts. Fork bearings, right pedal, speedometer cable. If you have these or can give me a lead on where to by parts for this little bike, please let me know. I normally ride a big scooter . A Harley Davidson Heritage Classic. This thing just caught my eye because it looks kinda cool and makes people ask a lot o questions when they see it strapped to my bike trailer beside the HD. Looking for parts and an education. Thanks Punkin Central Ohio


Re: Kreidler Flory 2

thats the krielder from Warbux

Kreidler Flory 2

Bearing from a bearing shop, pedals can be got from a bicycle shop, and speedo cable I don't know. Good luck with it.

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