WTB moped

I sold all my bikes about a year ago when I moved, and now looking to pick up a couple again. I've been replying to ads, but had no luck yet. Don't have time to do much work anymore, so Here's what I'm looking for.

Must be titled, spent too much time and money on ITS already

2 speed preferred. I'm 6'3" and at the richmond rally I was always dragging behind. Performance mods done right is ok.

Not looking for any of the newer Tomos peds, prefer vintage.

Willing to pay top dollar for the right ped.

Located at zip 18707(NE PA) willing to drive several hours for right ped, maybe more.

If you have something let me know.

Re: WTB moped

No one has anything? Wheres Mopedlar when you need him.

Re: WTB moped

I'll fix you up. I just got a Kreidler w/ a title. It needs going over.

I also still have the 87 Derbi for $700 w/ a title.

Re: WTB moped

Send me an email offlist and we can talk. I might be interested.

Re: WTB moped

I advertise on Philladelphia Craigslist. When it's running and ready, it will be there.

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