WTB puch parts

i need:

-maxi forks and rear shocks

-maxi center stand

-magnum trunk with door and an extra door

-puch rims (spoke or mag)

-2 complete sets of puch controls (brakes, light switch, kill switch, throttle assembly)

-2 magnum cranks and 4 pedal arms

-2 magnum drive chains, and 2 magnum pedal chains

-2 sets of cafe bars

-magnum headlight

-1 set of magnum handle bar mounts

-6 handle bar mounting allen screws

probably more to come later.

i have motomarina sebring parts to trade if interested. or cash.

Re: WTB puch parts


I have some Maxi forks and rear shocks I could ship you.


ps- i dig that blue magnum with the stripe

Re: WTB puch parts

nice find!

Re: WTB puch parts

thanks mike! it is a good looking bike. what do you want for the forks and shocks? what colour are they and what kind of shape are they in?

Re: WTB puch parts

that newport maroon color, like in my profile picture.

I how about $40 shipped for the forks and the rear shocks?

Re: WTB puch parts

are the shocks the ones with the springs on the outside?

Re: WTB puch parts

yep. black with metal colored springs.

Re: WTB puch parts

I have new chrome headlights. They are $24.00+ 5 shipping

If you are intersted, let me know. I also have decals if you need those too!


Re: WTB puch parts

mike ill take those forks and shocks then. i dont have pay pal though, so how should we go about this?

and kev,

i think i will take one of those chrome lights sometime later this week. and some of those neon orange puch decals if they are magnum size.

Re: WTB puch parts

Louis, cool.

If you go through ebay, let me know and I will give you some kind of a deal!


Re: WTB puch parts

Frederick vdL /

I probably have most of the other parts you want.

Which bars do you need exactly? I have EBR (long or short) forks also, as well as swingbars and strengthening bars.


MoParts (The Netherlands)

Now also selling parts via www.JosDijkman.NL/SHOP_

magnum switches

Pablo Puchasso /

hey. do you have the kill and headlight switches for a magnum then? I need those also.

Re: magnum switches

Frederick vdL /

I only have switches for Puch Maxi.

You have a pic of what you want?

I have external killswitches. Universal ones, that is.

Re: magnum switches

louis don't buy any light or kill switches. i hardwired my magnum and you can just have mine.

Re: magnum switches

Hey you can get those handle bar allen screws at ace hardware

Re: magnum switches

thanks jake! i need to get up there soon to get that engine and bring you those forks. maybe saturday?

kev, ill let you know if i order soon.

Re: WTB puch parts

louis, send me a money order or something. and i'll send you forks and shocks in a box. (rhymes)

Re: WTB puch parts

sweet mike. email me your address and what not if you dont mind. louisfromadalia@gmail.com

Re: WTB puch parts

Louis, if you come up to see Jake for some stuff, you should stop by my house too. I have a lot of Puch stuff that you might want. (headlights, controls, shocks, carbs, etc.)

Re: WTB puch parts


im hopefully coming up saturday. what are you up to?

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