WTB: Pacer super sport forks.

Subject line says it all, looking for a nice set of Pacer super sport forks.

Re: WTB: Pacer super sport forks.

I have a set but they are all rusty because of poor finishing.

Hey chad are there different cylinders for batavus m48s? Like a 30mph version?

Re: WTB: Pacer super sport forks.

Hey colin, do you have a picture of the forks. All of the batavus cylinders I have are the same. Most of the restrictions were the header pipe, intake, carb, airbox, front sprocket, and clutch housing.

Re: WTB: Pacer super sport forks.

The bike is actually in New York, but I'm flying home on Friday. I can't remember which of my pacers had the worst forks- the other pacer is in pittsburgh. I'm thinking it's this one. It's like the rust ate under all the paint and the paint is just falling off- I might be able to dig up a pic before then.

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