heads up in Columbus OH


Looks like it could be a good deal to me.

Re: heads up in Columbus OH


Re: heads up in Columbus OH

WTF? That has to be the same peds I saw for sale a month ago:


I called they guy who had them for sale before and he said he was inudated with calls(he was selling them both for $150) and had a guy within an hour who put a deposit down on them and was going to pick them up later that day. I was so ticked cause I missed out but not suprised someone snatched them up superfast.

This is weird. Deadbeat buyers? Beyond repair? Love to hear if anyone knows what the deal is with these peds.....

Re: heads up in Columbus OH

Ill say it so noone has to,,,,

Man, Ohio sucks ,,,they got all the good deals!!!

Re: heads up in Columbus OH

Timmy Southpark /

still those bikes are ugly!

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