Ratty Magnum Parts Sought

Or they can be fine! Id like a set of the covers and the plastic trunk bit and if somone had one, a tank that is cosmetically grumpy but usable.

id like to paint these up but cannot bear to do it to nice ones that are original.

yeah, i know, how uncool.

Re: Ratty Magnum Parts Sought

oh yeah a pair of hydralic front forks while im at it would be just ducky.

Re: Ratty Magnum Parts Sought

OHHHH you just had to sell that nice magnum you had now didnt you ????

Re: Ratty Magnum Parts Sought

Im over it. I really do miss that other magum, it was really nice, but thats what happends when you need money - back window gor broken out of the convertible and i had to replace the top. Needed the 850 at the time.

I found its cousin. Its all stock and minty, but i wanna paint this one up. Dosent have the hydralics or the oil injection, but i dont want injection anyway. And i have snowflakes for it so that will be cool.

But i cannot bring myself to paint over a mint tank and covers and trunk piece. Id rather buy some ratty ones if i can and do that.

Re: Ratty Magnum Parts Sought


Re: Ratty Magnum Parts Sought

Timmy Southpark /

i might have a spare gas tank beaten to hell, and i believe i still have a spare trunk peice... also ratty.

I need to check my inventory haha

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