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Hey all....

I have a pair of beautiful Puch saddle bags for sale. They are black with the puch logo on the front. They are pretty darn close to mint, have handles on the top and springs and hooks on the back to attach them to your bike. These are a rare find. Please contact me if you are interested.

-lisa g.


Re: saddle bags

email sent.

Re: saddle bags

ps-ya'll can reach me at

i don't think i have a moped army address anymore. sob.

Re: saddle bags


Re: saddle bags

ha ha just posted a pair lol

Re: saddle bags

Yeah, but hers look better than yours.

Re: saddle bags

I just looked at my post , it kinda came off wrong.

I was posting all my stuff when her post was bumped up.( didn't see her set until I finished my post)

what I meant was,,

what are the chances of 2 sets coming up the same day. Funny haha. (

yep those are a "Near mint" set too.

Hope she gets what they're worth.

Re: saddle bags

i do to! saddle bags look better than yours....ha ha...

sounds raunchy.

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