need a frame

Does anyone have a top tank frame or even a step-through frame with a removable gas tank they'd like to sell?

Re: need a frame

i have a motomarina sebring frame i want to sell. it needs powdercoating though. i am in florence, ky just south of cincinnati.

Re: need a frame

Does it have the swingarm and forks? What kind of shape is it in? How much you asking?

Re: need a frame

I have a murray frame only in powell ohio. pickup only, cheap

Re: need a frame

Black Trac Olympic. Good paint with a removable gas tank. Sadly, no gas cap.

Whatcha think?


Re: need a frame

its got the swing arm. i have already sold the forks. they were terrible anyway. handybikes has brand new ones. its a solid frame, it just needs to be refinished. probably sand blasted and then powdercoated. if you want it i'll take $50 for it if you come get it. i dont want to ship something so big.

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