FS Puch Maxi In Mass

Red Puch maxi in Mass , I need the space. Buy this now before i get the chance to start wrenching. This post expires on Friday of This week, March 7th.

Red Maxi, 78, 1,5hp , Seems to have a really clean tank, the top of the tank around the headtube looks nice as opposoed to your usual maxi....

Petcock needs to be replaced.

Tank will need to have the varnish removed.

Seat and Headlight need replacing. Tires are Junk.

If you were a real smart cookie, you would know that your gonna have to clean the carb, maybe flush the tank, and do w petcock and tires on whatever you buy so it doesnt matter how trashed they are.

Will need some one to attack it with steel wool, soap and water, and some wax, and it will be a styling ped.

I want 200 bucks for it.

Not 180, not 190, 200.

And ya you gotta come get it. No deliveries to Guam.

Sidecovers and screws all there, forks real tight and not jiggly....not beyond help by any means.

Till Friday Friday Friday!

Bonus: e50 spins!


Re: FS Puch Maxi In Mass

God for all the whining people do about no cheap peds, im gonna have to take this apart and put it into a couple of plastic totes so i can fit it in the attick.

As soon as I do , everyone will want a 200 dollar puch lol.

Re: FS Puch Maxi In Mass

Jawa Andy expressed some interest in your puch after bowling the other day.

Re: FS Puch Maxi In Mass

ive referred multiple people from the area to you, and this bike exclusively...

that thing aint so bad at all! Haha sheeit you said it needed a new seat!

Re: FS Puch Maxi In Mass

lol it def needs a seat.

its a freaking 200 dollar maxi! If i take it apart i can part it out for that, but that would kill me. Its worth making run.

people have till friday or im jammin a magnum motor and pipe and calling it the loaner.

Re: FS Puch Maxi In Mass

This is hysterical, craigslist here i come!

Re: FS Puch Maxi In Mass

thats pretty nice

all that seat needs is some duct tape then it will be like new

Re: FS Puch Maxi In Mass

red duct tape.

hey the seat works LOL

Re: FS Puch Maxi In Mass

did you get an email from a guy named keith? Told him about this bike and he was really diggin the price range.

Re: FS Puch Maxi In Mass

i might have lost it, show him here before i take this apart!

Re: FS Puch Maxi In Mass

I'll give you $195! You said not 190! I need this moped for my Client who lives in Nigeria and my shipping partner will be in touch with you. And I have many mouth to feed so could contribute to my gambling habit and send me some cash too. Like 200 dollars not 190 not 199. Oh yes this is a very nice item.

Thank you,Come again

Re: FS Puch Maxi In Mass

If I hadn't JUST bought a Batavus on ebay I definitely woulda hopped on the puch train. Ill refer this to some m8s though.

Re: FS Puch Maxi In Mass

How far are you from Concord, NH? I wouldn't mind trying to sneak another one past the wife.

Re: FS Puch Maxi In Mass

An hour and 10 minutes, not long at all.


Re: FS Puch Maxi In Mass

i have a really fast pocket bike il trade you for it

Re: FS Puch Maxi In Mass

naw i wipe out on those. Im selling this cause i desperately need the space. If i cant sell it by friday, im gonna disassemble it and put it in my attick for next winter.

Re: FS Puch Maxi In Mass

I would buy it if you were closer, I'am not in Guam...but may as well be!

Re: FS Puch Maxi In Mass


Re: FS Puch Maxi In Mass

for the love of christ somebody buy this.

btw did you see the "running moped for wood burning stove" trade on CL today? Haha i think i might take the guy up on it. He says its a running Puch and i just happen to have a bigass wood stove. sweet.

Re: FS Puch Maxi In Mass

Damn if I hadnt gotten this benelli I would be all over that but my wife wont allow me to buy another YES DEAR IM COMING !!!!!

Re: FS Puch Maxi In Mass

Its just your average fixer upper special, i'm actully more astounded that no body has jumped on it yet than avidly trying to sell it.

Its just this - do the math

free spinning e50 all there with carb and manifold - at least 100 bucks

decent frame ? gotta be good for 40 bucks

Sidecovers? With screws? On ebey? something nutty!

Forks? Money.


It's odd, but the moped community boggles my mind sometimes. Lots of people dont want you to cut bikes up and sell them, and im with em....but then others complain you cannot find a decent bike to start with to fix. Confounds me.

The plastic tote disasembly and hiding in the attick thing is looking better all the time.

Re: FS Puch Maxi In Mass

ill give you 125 for the spokes and the engine, shipped to SF.

not the cylinder, not the tires, nothing else.

sell teh rest on ebay make some money, you can prolly get another 100+ for the frame.

email me if you are interested

Re: FS Puch Maxi In Mass

frame and bits i meant.

you are taking it apart anyway, just put some things in a box instead of your attic

Re: FS Puch Maxi In Mass

you know whats great dan

being single

Re: FS Puch Maxi In Mass

plEASE DONT REMIND ME , Im coming over tomorrow wed OK

Re: FS Puch Maxi In Mass

Andrew if you come and get that bike from us, I'll buy it

Re: FS Puch Maxi In Mass


to Greatdane, who has lots of patience and has helped me out in the past!

Re: FS Puch Maxi In Mass


Re: FS Puch Maxi In Mass

you sold it to a doggy

how is a dog going to ride it

Re: FS Puch Maxi In Mass

what bike you getting from them?

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