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I have the oppurtunity to purchase a salvage yards Moped inventory. Does anyone have some buyers advice on what I should look for when I survey the load?

Thanks for your input. I hope to salvage and help revive these peds, so they're back on the road.

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Sorry bout the double post

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puch 5 star mag wheels FTW, all puch parts are good and will be sellable, good minarelli, garelli, sachs, trac, or solo engines, any and all puch korados, puch wheels in general have been hard to come by recently, everybody loves honda MB5s for their front forks w/ disc brakes, itallian moped frames are SWEET in my opinion. Other people want other things. The 4-stroke Indians aren't very popular here, nor have I seen much praise of the scorpions, though I've never seen one.

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Anything except jawa. Everybody hates them.

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buy puch shit, vespa shit, moby, and peugeot shit. minerelli, sachs, any rims you can locate, engines, forks, swing arms, frames that are broken or rusted through, old tomos and garelli those are what you should be looking for

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50cc honda Vtec Moped

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get all the Moby parts you can!

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I would check to see what to do if any of them have been "salvaged" by the yard. What I mean is have they been registered and plated in the past and now totaled or abandoned? Would the DMV require special paperwork to reinstate a ped which has been scrapped? I know you could always part out the lot, but you may have a problem with frames.


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Timmy Southpark /

my local junkyard has a beat up moby "off-road" version. Its missing hte motor and rear wheel and looks rusty and sunk in mud. I pass caused the dude would probally want atleast $60 for it. There was a locked moby engine in his shed with a dimoby clutch on it. The engine was complete minus carb/intake/ and exhaust. If anyone wants any of these parts i can always pic them up.


He has an old school tomos front end with wheel.

one puch front snowflake wheel with hub

3 front tomos 5 star old school mags.

I'm going back up soon if anyone needs stuff.

Oh yeah, he has most of an indian moped.

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