wtb vespa grande petcock

yup mine fell off today ... in doing so i ended up dumping a tank of gas on the road as i was riding unaware of the problem until i got home.

let me know if you have one and your price shipped to 02138



Re: wtb vespa grande petcock

check ZIPPY MOPED they are awesome!!!

Re: wtb vespa grande petcock

I think I've got one Ill sell you for $5 plus shipping...it is technically a Si one, so the outlet is on the wrong side, but no big deal. It's missing the plastic tab grip thing, but a cotter pin works fine. Yours if you want it!

Re: wtb vespa grande petcock

thanks james ... i think i'll pass on the Si petcock ... i don't want the petcock interfering with all the cables/wires that would be in the way.

anyone else got one before I order one from Zippy or 1977?

Re: wtb vespa grande petcock


Re: wtb vespa grande petcock

do zippy hes fast and reliable..

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