Tomos Parts FOR SALE

I have:

targa top tank frame with tank, 1996 - 30

one wheel, wire rim, 10

1 used tire/tube -5

tailight assembly (with new hardware)- 10

blinkers- 10

magneto, no flywheel cover thingy- 45

wire harness- 10

a ton of shocks, one really nice pair.- 40 for all

Sprint handle bars- 15

bent fender, not that bad just a little bent up- free with purchase of something else

most of a dellorto carb,stock one, missing about two parts(easy to get) -25

stock muffler- newer model with chrome cover (good condition) - 15

I'd like to sell all of this at once (you'd get a better deal) but will seperate. Prices are somehwat negotiable and do not include shipping.

Tomos Parts FOR SALE

also have:

Swingarm -10

footrest support bracket- 15

Tomos Parts FOR SALE

i am interested in the taillight, do you accept paypal? does it have two bulbs in it?

and would it fit a 80's bullet?

email me at

Tomos Parts FOR SALE

Front or rear blinkers?

Tomos Parts FOR SALE

No bulbs, your gonna have to get those. but it does take two bulbs. I'm sure you can mount it on anything. it should fit the bullet perfectly.

Rear Blinkers.

I think I can accept paypal, never have, I've only payed people. But I am willing to try.

Re: Tomos Parts FOR SALE

is the wheel a front or back?

Tomos Parts FOR SALE

Ah, thanks anyway. I need front blinkers.

Tomos Parts FOR SALE

so do i buy it off the site or from you here?

Tomos Parts FOR SALE

you must have misunderstood. You can get the bulbs from the website. I don't have anything to do with the site (I get all my parts from there). I do have the tailight. and that you would buy from me.

Re: Tomos Parts FOR SALE

alright well can you email me your info so we can set up the transaction.

Re: Tomos Parts FOR SALE

I have a 95 Sprint. Will the muffler fit? Does it have the removable baffle? How large is the exhaust port?



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