WTB: all puch cables

i need cables for brakes and throttle and clutch. i have a lot of money but dont wanna spend all of it

Re: WTB: all puch cables

get them from benji he has the cable party pack for like under 30 bucks.

Re: WTB: all puch cables

) Cupermcnewbster ( /

just go to a bike store and get some bike cables. Better housings and much cheaper. Each cable is like $2 and housing is like a dollar a foot. End Knarps are also cheap and make for easier brake adjustments.

Re: WTB: all puch cables

If the housings are still in tack go to your local hardware store and get some braided cable in that size and cut your own. I di this for my Minarelli and used a drop or 2 of solder to hold the ends in place.

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