WTB: Sachs Engine

505A or B, 5041A or B.....

Pretty much any Sachs engine that will fit a Foxi or Sparta.

I'm willing to pay what it's worth....up to 100.00 shipped for a runner. I know this is a bit of a stretch, but I just scored an awesome Foxi frame and I want to go full out on this project.

Thanks -


Re: WTB: Sachs Engine

Hey beb, ill keep an eye out. You need a 504/a by the way, a 505 wont work thats got the pedals thru the motor.

you dont want a 504/b either, its internally restriced. Ugh.

You want a 504/A

Also, you might wanna see what kinda ignition your bike has, if its a motoplat, you might wannt look for one with that iggy. They aint plug and play if you get a bosch and you need a motoplat...

Just considerations.

Re: WTB: Sachs Engine

I have a Sachs Hercules engine I just took off a parts bike. It is complete and turns over with compression. I haven't verified the spark yet but if interested I will test it. It had a double chain setup. One for power and one for pedaling. It also has complete carburator and airbox. I will ship it to you for $100.00 if interested.

Re: WTB: Sachs Engine

1975 Nurnberget Hercules-Werkegmbg Type-P1 S.S. 505.

Re: WTB: Sachs Engine

hercules is a 505, you don't want it. you need a 504.

Re: WTB: Sachs Engine



I haven't gone over the whole frame yet, but I figured there were a few considerations that I would have to take into account with this project. I've done my homework on the MANY Sachs engines out there. It's tough, my buddy actually has a semi-junker Foxi GT deluxe WITH the 5041A engine.

The tank is BEYOND repair inside, it runs okay, but he has two really nice other peds and wants to get rid of the Foxi. He needs it, though in a trade with another friend first. Which makes sense. But if that doesn't go through, I'm ALL OVER that bike.

Until then...I'm going to keep searching the net and this site for engines.



Re: WTB: Sachs Engine

I have one that you could rebuild. You would need to get the exploded cylinder off and do a barrell and piston...but the bottom end is intact....

Re: WTB: Sachs Engine

) Cupermcnewbster ( /

Dang Ben, now a foxi!

Re: WTB: Sachs Engine

Andrew would u happen to have a spare clutch filler cap for my cousin's foxi?

Re: WTB: Sachs Engine

Andrew....email sent, man.

Re: WTB: Sachs Engine

Um......looks like I'm still in the market for a 504A engine.

So, bump this back up!

Re: WTB: Sachs Engine

I dont have any spare parts unfortunately, very hard to come by

handybikes might have something

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