138cc Madass 4 sale: $1600 CHEAP SHIP!

ok normally when selling shit i offer it here at a cheaper price but i need to sell this thing ASAP. There is a SWEEEEET deal on CL that i just CANT pass up. the bike i want is 1600 so i am selling this for the exact same price and offering anyone the discount. i will be posting this on other messageboards and classifieds. so i cant hold it for you unless you are sure you want it.

The madass new costs 2k. the motor costs 400. the labor of putting it on and getting it registered is priceless. the bike has maybe 200-300 miles on it and the motor has maybe 150. everything works perfect except the rear brake. i melted the line and snapped the plastic elbow. should be and EASY hardware store fix i have just never worked on disc brakes so never fixed it. all lights and turn signals work but speedo is based of revs and doesnt work with the 138 motor. with super torque gearing (14 front and 17 is stock) it tops out at 53-54. with the 17 front i have heard these do 65.

U can call me for details about the bike or more pics or whatever. Here are some pics. and a vid of me revving it with the 138 motor. now that motoscoot is selling parts you can find all sorts of OEM and aftermarket shit for these bikes.

This will even come with all the original stock parts. CDI, motor, carb, etc etc. easily worth another 200 on ebay or great for a pushbutton start project. stock motor barely goes over 40mph but has awesome low end. i took the restrictor out.

please respond asap. dont email. just call. i dont want to miss the opportunity to buy this bike.


p.s. i have title and registration

415 509 1454



Re: 138cc Madass 4 sale: $1600 CHEAP SHIP!

oh yeah i can ship for hella cheap too. i get a 65% discoutn with fedex freight so i can box it up and send it to ya and guarantee it will get there in the condition i sent it in.

Re: 138cc Madass 4 sale: $1600 CHEAP SHIP!

damn i want this bike i hate being poor lol

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