Cars SUCK! Now I need MB5 parts!

Yesterday I drove 16 hours round trip in one day to pick up my MB5 I JUST purchased! I finally get home around 9 at night and decide to take her out for her maiden voyage just around the block because the weather was shitty! I pull out onto the road and gave it some gas and amazed at how fast and easily she shifts through the gears. Then suddenly a car pulls out onto the road. I lock the brakes and then the bike lays down and I slide right into the side of her car! I'm am soo angry I just want to cry. The lady asks how much this is going to cost to fix, but I said money doesn't buy everything. They don't make these bikes anymore and parts are hard to find.

<p>So now I have a tweaked front fork assembly and a transmission that won't shift right. Among a broken gauge cluster and a broken spirit.</p>

<p>So does anyone have a MB5 front fork assembly for sale? And possibly a transmission or even an 80-82 Honda CR80 transmission Mainly I need the fork assembly though. </p>

Re: Cars SUCK! Now I need MB5 parts!

dude! LAME!

mb5 front forks are kinda hard to come by as a complete set. people put them on other bikes a lot. if i were you i would try to fix your existing forks or just order 1 fork yoke from perk llc

sorry dude =(

Re: Cars SUCK! Now I need MB5 parts!

Loosen the bolts that clamp the forks, they might just be twisted. I had that happen on my RD400 Yami years ago. The trans case can't be too bad. Change or just straighten the shift fork and your good to go.

Re: Cars SUCK! Now I need MB5 parts!

also check to be sure there is enough oil or trans fluid whichever it uses..i don't remember any more, mine had a slow leak and if it got to low it would not shift right, maybe some spilled or it was low in the first place...I would have told her at least 1,000 to fix luck finding your parts..try or even Honda dealers, may have some old spares...and as always watch e-bay.

Re: Cars SUCK! Now I need MB5 parts!

Frederick vdL /

And if all the above doesn't work... You can rely on my.

That is a real pitty for your MB5!

If you are in desperate need of parts, contact me. Here in The Netherlands we have MB5s everywhere. My colleague had a garage full of this stuff; MB5 moped, MT5 moped, Honda MT80 engines, forks, tyres, rims, tanks, frames, gears, kits and the whole lot.

If he doesn't have anything left I can always source up some parts. My wholesaler and my webshop do not sell Honda parts, sorry, but once again I am willing to do the trouble to find you some parts if you really need them.

So let me know!


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