F/S Snowflakes

shitty pictures ahoy, but maybe a lot of shitty ones can make one good one?

As you can see these are just the rims, in great shape, just a couple nics but nothing noticeable. By just the rims i mean no axles or breaks, well you get the idea with the pictures. Offers away!

Re: F/S Snowflakes

offers as in email things, like a private auction, exciting?

Re: F/S Snowflakes

What bike did they come off of? Are they 17" puch snowflakes, or the 16" italian kind?

Re: F/S Snowflakes

how about a trade for a set of complete spoked wheels?

are you from rochester? im in ithaca, id be willing to meet up somewhere inbetween.

Re: F/S Snowflakes

email was sent yo

Re: F/S Snowflakes

they say puch on the rim


ill still take them my offer still stands

Re: F/S Snowflakes

On the rim they say "grimeca" and "razze incrociate" other than the Puch stamp you can see. and they are the 17 inch rims. I really don't know what distinguishes these snowflakes from others, so let me know.

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