FS - Sweet Stuff

1- set of puch maxi sidecovers (grey)

1- set of murray forks

1- garelli rally sport seat

2- garelli handle bars 1 super sport 1 rally sport

1- puch stock puch handle bars

1- 14.12 sha dellorto carb

1- puch maxi side bars

Re: FS - Sweet Stuff

i need new handlebars for the super sport. whats the difference between the rally and super bars? i'll take a pair of one of them. how much you want? how much for the carb?

i get first dibs because i found that dress you wore in yipsi.

Re: FS - Sweet Stuff

the super sport bars are wider than the rally sport

ill take pictures for you today

carb $40 shipped

Re: FS - Sweet Stuff

aj could u put a pic on that seat thanks tony

Re: FS - Sweet Stuff

sure tony, i will also most a pic of the murray

your still coming on thursday right?

Re: FS - Sweet Stuff

it still on leaving at 900pm thursday

Re: FS - Sweet Stuff

cool man, thanks. i'll let you know about the carb when i check my inventory, see if i even need it.

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