WTB: Extra set of moby bearings?

Because of my recent motobecane bearing installation tragedy i find myself with a set of useless bearings. it sucks. i knew i shoulda ordered 2 sets when the shops had em in stock, but i didnt. Is there anybody around that has an extra set that theyd sell to this poor old soul? I'll pay whatever you paid for em, plus a bit, whatever you want. I'm already checking french ebay, but overseas shipping = $$$. Help a brother out? Thanks guys,


Re: WTB: Extra set of moby bearings?

Steve the only set I have .I bought from ebay France thru my sister that leave in France I paid thru the nose for those. You are better off paying for shipping, 12.Euros is a good deal. I paid 20 euros plus shipping to my sister then to me(the guy would not ship to me in the USA) The good thing is they are good quality SKF no bloody pastic in them. Bite the bullet

Re: WTB: Extra set of moby bearings?

yea the set im looking at right now is 12 euro.. i think its the ones you referred me to.

12 euro is reasonable pricewise but if shipping is significantly more than like 15 euro i just cant pay that right now. i messaged the guy asking how much shipping would be.

gonna have to shop around a bit first...

Re: WTB: Extra set of moby bearings?

I remember reading somewhere that Ikesbike has a few stashed away, I thing he has someone grind the bigger side to fit the crankshaft. call him on the phone

Re: WTB: Extra set of moby bearings?

le bump

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