FS/TRADE: Trac frames/parts

I'll get pictures soon.

I've got two Trac Liberty (I think) frames just sitting waiting for... something. I don't know. I don't need them.

Also, I've got a ton of Trac parts including gas tanks, wiring bits and bobs, fenders, handlebars, lights, wheels (tires mounted w/brakes included), etc.

Just lightening my load for when I move.

E-mail me for info.

Re: FS/TRADE: Trac frames/parts

do you have a trac spring gas tank?!?!?!?! if so and its in good condition i call dibs. Im gonna email you right now. Thanks!!


Re: FS/TRADE: Trac frames/parts

I have two like this

Re: FS/TRADE: Trac frames/parts

I think I could get you one from a top tank though. I know where one is, and I could just buy the whole thing for a part-out once I get my taxes back.

That is, if you want it. Might have some mild rust.

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