wtb fuel tank

for a top tank model moped

either a general tank or the such from a top-tank moped

even a small dirtbike one if it'd fit would be good!

scratch and dent ok.

rusted to a pile not ok :-P

Re: wtb fuel tank

i have a nice yellow batavus VA tank. Its for a step thru but i think would bolt up to a top tank just the same. Paint is awesome, dent on the right side of fair size, but gradual so its not wicked noticable. No rust, far as i can remember.

Re: wtb fuel tank

unfortuantely i was thinking of a tank that goes on a backbone style frame

Re: wtb fuel tank

Got this tank and frame available. Misc stuff also. I'm in south jersey.


Re: wtb fuel tank

if dariuskyne doest want that tank I'm interested in it.

Re: wtb fuel tank

i have a tomos top tank. has a dent in the low mid range, and is missing gas cap. no rust.


Re: wtb fuel tank

ron, i ve got a few frames in the works currently, and as much as i would love to buy that frame/tank

scott might want it more than i at this moment, lol

btw, is/was that a safari?

Re:Nos gas tank

I got this medalist gas tank it looks NOS but has shelf scratchs on outside no dents inside is perfect looks like never had gas in it .email me if you want it I got this one and a yellow one


Re:Nos gas tank

can you post some pics on how it mounts

Re:Nos gas tank

§ćŗάτçλmªřċ • /

i have a tank from a Garelli Monza if nothing else pans out. it's kinda big and probably would look strange with any other seat than the Monza one.


Re:Nos gas tank

if you mean me scott, it's a custom application, mounts don't count but i was hoping predominately for a type that goes across the top instead of the step through model top tanks.

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