Hand held GPS, "moped speedo"

I normally would not sell non moped items on the moped board but as i only use this for mopeds I think it is close enough.

This thing dose speed, direction, temperature, and has full road maps with active tracking. so you are represented by a little arrow on the map. Its rubberized and has a fold up antenna, it is water proof, dust, proof and vibration proof. it runs for 18hrs on 4 "aa" or you can run it on two "aa" for 8 hours. It comes with 4 new NIcA Rechargeable batterys. you can use it to record max speeds or just use it as an active speedo. comes with the Map send cd loaded with all the streets.

asking $55 shipped to the lower 48

Re: Hand held GPS, "moped speedo"

How old is this?

Re: Hand held GPS, "moped speedo"

new in 03

Re: Hand held GPS, "moped speedo"

nice tbs sticker nate.

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