WTB Sport Pipe for Kinetic TFR

Im looking for a exansion exhaust that will fit my budget and my moped. I have a 96 tfr so it will also fit most Vespa pipes. Im just not looking to take off my kickstand or remove/modify cranks.

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Re: WTB Sport Pipe for Kinetic TFR

look into getting something from simonini or polini for your TFR.

a simple bolt up or one that wont' requie much modification is this pipe here-->www.1977mopeds.com

look up the polini long country. it's about $77 and will be a pretty good expansion chamber to bolt up

dont forget to upjet

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Im looking at the polini expansion pipe off 1977 but they're sold out. I wrote them an email saying to contact me when thery're back in stock but no reply as of yet. I'm on moped army fishing for a used pipe for a deal or somewhere I can get a decent new pipe for $100 range.

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check out treats hq on ebay. pretty much anything for vespa will work.

Re: WTB Sport Pipe for Kinetic TFR

Yeah, If you are willing to spend that much I would go with the below or one of the other pipes he has listed, most under vespa:


The polini long country is a high end pipe, it gave me some top speed and quite a bit of umph around 30, but the low end sux, especially on the most common ciao version with the squashed header, so it's worthless with only the one speed. I had to pedal even more at the start and up hills (lots around here).

With the variator upgrade and the squashed section of the header replaced with straight pipe it was ok, no more pedaling.

I have a custom estoril on there now and I'd offer you my long country for cheap, but I don't think your bike is variated, and I still need to clean up the welds.

Most places you see this pipe it's the ciao version with the header squashed so it will fit between the center stand and the pedal crank, where there is less room on the ciao. Although this fits other vespas as well as the tfr, they have more room there, so it's not necessary. It is a cheap pipe and does work ok on the variated bikes, so if I would advise anyone seriosly considering this pipe for a non-ciao to try to find the bravo/grande only one with the un-molested header.

Re: WTB Sport Pipe for Kinetic TFR

One thing to consider is, unfortunately, with our older tfrs the pedals are mounted lower so you not only have to worry about the cranks clearing so your pedals will go around, but also the pedal chain sprocket sticks down so the pipe has to go either between it and the center stand or under it. Like I said there is enough room for an un-squished header.

Polini long country and proma circuit are known to work on kinetic with no pedal or kickstand complications. I know recently a guy put the simo circuit on his but I haven't seen pics yet. I'm very interested as to how easily the simo proline and carbon pipes fit.

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