**Bunch OF wheels For Sale**

This is in the correct section now!

I have a whole bunch of wheels I need to get rid of… All are spoked wheels. $10 each….

Sachs front and rear

General front and rear

Batavus Front

2 Vespa Ciao rears

Moby Front

Vespa Front

Let me know what you need!!!


Re: **Bunch OF wheels For Sale**

ᴛᴇʀʀʏ ᴅᴇᴀɴ /

these general wheels, what bike are they off of? picture?

Re: **Bunch OF wheels For Sale**

how straight is that moby front?

give me a pic @ mike_alanko@hotmail.com and i'll give you more than $10 for it if it's right!!

Re: **Bunch OF wheels For Sale**

If the batavus front is straight ill take it

how can i paypal you

Re: **Bunch OF wheels For Sale**

Let me check and make sure today, and I will get back to you guys!



Re: **Bunch OF wheels For Sale**

I forgot to look today, but I will check and email first thing tomorrow!


Re: **Bunch OF wheels For Sale**

hey kev. got the axles you sent. No luck though. they didn't fit. They must be from a different model of general 5 star. Mine are the 17in wheels those must be from something else. You don't by any chance have a front wheel axle of any kind that is 10mm in diameter as opposed to 11mm?

Re: **Bunch OF wheels For Sale**


The General wheels are sold.

The other ones, I sent pics.

Mark, darn! I will see what else I have. If there is nothing that works, I will refund you.



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