WTB - Puch front spoked rim.

It has to go on my Magnum.

Has to be absolutely complete - straight, clean axle, good bearings, lugs too would be nice.

No rust.

Turns out mine is bent after the crash, not badly, but enough to warrant a new one.

Also...I have never really measured....but I guess any Puch front rim will work, right? Maxi or Magnum.

15 bucks plus whatever shipping. Paypal would be nice and easy.

Thanks in advance.


Re: WTB - Puch front spoked rim.

yup any puch rim will work. i may have one...i'll check and take some pics. not sure how much shipping will be from HI. Probably not more than 20.

Re: WTB - Puch front spoked rim.

i do have one but not in good shape.....sorry

Re: WTB - Puch front spoked rim.

Matt Scout The Scouting Dcon /

Didn't the Magnums use the wide size wheel? it should have a hump in the middle of the rim where the spokes go.

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