F/S: Tomos A3

I have a complete Tomos A3 engine. It was running when it was removed from a tomos golden bullet not long ago. i'm asking $75 plus shipping if needed. sorry, but i really can't deliver.


Re: F/S: Tomos A3

Hey man, I e-mailed you about the engine a couple of days ago. But I think $75 is a little high for an A3. You can get an A35 for that price or even less. Lemme know if you would sell it for any less.

Re: F/S: Tomos A3

sorry, i'm really bad about checking my email. that was just a starting price, i'll pretty much give it to you for whatever you want to pay. i just want it out of my way.

Re: F/S: Tomos A3

hey mike, I took a quick estimate of the weight and it will be roughly 10 bucks to ship it in 5 business days.

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