need used polini cylinder

i know i know yeah right.

i need the cylinder, piston, and ring.

or just the cylinder.

i got some cool 5stars off of a sebring to trade. or a whole sebring.

or just good old cash.

i would trade generously because i know the value and hard to find factor of a polini cylinder.



Re: need used polini cylinder

bump. no more sebring.

i'll paypal you though.

Re: need used polini cylinder

) Cupermcnewbster ( /

You should get a new one. If its not being used, chances are it was seized or something. I mean, why else would you sell a kit?

Re: need used polini cylinder

Mike, let me take a picture of my old Polini for you, it should be in better shape than yours. I'll try to take it tomorrow.

Re: need used polini cylinder

cool good deal

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