Surplus Auction - Columbus, OH

FYI: They're having another surplus auction this weekend in Columbus and they're selling some of their Motorcycle Ohio Program stock bikes:

From that last auction results where the sold bikes(it was two auctions ago), it looks like the Suzukis will sell for between $350-$450 and the Yamahas will sell for about $400-$700.

Personally, I'm waiting until they dump some Honda Rebels but they're still good deals for solid bikes that have probably never been driven outside a parking lot.

Yeah, they're not mopeds but some people here have lamented about not being able to find 'small motorcycles' any more so here you go....

Re: Surplus Auction - Columbus, OH

I think that it was the last auction that they had where they sold some of the Honda Rebels. They went for about $600.00 each.

Re: Surplus Auction - Columbus, OH

Look at the mileage. I'd say they were driven in more places than a parking lot, but still, they're all really low. Around five or six thousand miles.

Good deal if you get one for a couple hundred.

Re: Surplus Auction - Columbus, OH

i wouldnt mind a tw200

Re: Surplus Auction - Columbus, OH

Pat Mycrotch /

Yeah, I wasn't able to make it to the last two auctions(and I'm probably not going to make this one, grr!) when they did have some Rebels, but you're right they did go for a about $600 each. That's still way less than new($3K) or what you would pay on Craigslist($1K).

Actually, I'm fairly certain they've never been out of the parking lot. They only use these for the beginners course(advanced course you have to provide your own wheels) and we never went out of the parking lot when I took it.

7 miles/weekx35 weeksx20 years = 4,500 miles, that's about right.

So bascially they've never been ridden hard but I'm sure they were laid down at low-speeds on a regular basis.

Re: Surplus Auction - Columbus, OH

thats what i was thinking coco...

those are sweet bikes. def worth 700 bucks.

Re: Surplus Auction - Columbus, OH

You would really have to look at those motorcycles real good before you buy. I was one that took one of those motorcycle courses that those motorcycles are use for and several people crashed those bikes to the ground in the class.

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