Express brakes

My bike is an 83 Honda Express. I need new brakes. I checked bikebandit and they have the front brakes in stock but it says the rears are discontinued. They look the same to me. Can I put front brakes on the back? If not can someone direct me to a website that carrys the rear brakes?


Re: Express brakes

77-80 use the same front and rear. 81 - 83 are different, the fronts are the same but the rears are larger. You can get them from vesrah. Parts unlimited or marshalls.


Re: Express brakes

I have an 83 Express I am parting out. The rear brakes were changed about 400KM (250M) ago, however, I wanted to sell the rear wheel/drum/tire assembly with the brakes as a unit. The tire also has 400KM.. I am near Niagara Falls, Canada.

The part number you need is Vesrah No. VB-141.

Anything else, get it B4 I E-bay the parts...

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