FS peugeot 103 sidecovers

they're in good shape... one of them has a small crack that could be easily repaired. I might do it myself this week if I get a chance.

These are for a blue bike btw

make an offer, i think I've seen people looking for these recently.

I'm not too sure how I feel about this bike either I might just part out the whole thing. It has 2 3/4" tires on it front in rear that are pretty good still.

Re: FS peugeot 103 sidecovers

Pete Daddeo *YouTube: Moped Problems* /

email sent

Re: FS peugeot 103 sidecovers

What other Peugeot 103 stuff are you selling?

Re: FS peugeot 103 sidecovers

I'm not sure, I picked this thing up to restore but I might just part it out. It's totally complete. I thought I would sell the side covers to make back some of the money I spent on it.

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