WTT: moby for peugeot

ok, so i thought ciaos were variated... guess not.

40t/50v for 103 give or take...

bay area of course.


p.s. are there any 104s in the USA?

Re: WTT: moby for peugeot

yo andrew! you can variate a ciao! fo sho fo sho

Re: WTT: moby for peugeot

yeah? ... i am correct right? they arent variated stock...

but you can but a bravo or grande engine on them?


that would be cool

Re: WTT: moby for peugeot

stock they are not variated. you can keep the engine. just get the variated clutch and the variator off the front from a bravo or grande. you can also just buy the variated clutch and get a malossi or polini performance variator.

Re: WTT: moby for peugeot

they have double variators unlike motobecanes. one on the front and one on the back

Re: WTT: moby for peugeot

do you know vespas much kevin?

Re: WTT: moby for peugeot

🇮🇹💦 Of the Loin /

i have a variated grande.....

Re: WTT: moby for peugeot

i am actually rebuilding a bravo right now andrew. i am fairly new to the vespas but, i do know a little here and there. if you have any questions just ask me and i will answer to the best of my ability.

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