wtb: za-50 case

anyone with a bad za-50 want to sell it to me? all i need is the case. but prefer whole bottom end , no electricals...


Re: wtb: za-50 case

come on...there has to be someone out there with a bad za-50 case/bottom end

Re: wtb: za-50 case

I have that one. As you can see, it's missing a tranny cover. Interested?

Re: wtb: za-50 case

Dave Peterson /

I also have one. Picture attached Skipjaz


Re: wtb: za-50 case

email sent

Re: wtb: za-50 case

i have one i just ate the crank on, i have to try to rebuild a 2nd i have around, but when i am done there will be most of the bottom end, if not all of it, with a bad crank, all shiny and "working" and hot

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