Vespa Performance Pipe Trade?

This is a Techno Circuit pipe that has no restrictor. I bought two of these because I thought that they were Proma Circuit pipes. What can I say, I'm a sucker. Anyway this pipe has a pretty darn good low end and has an OK top end but it is not really a race pipe. Because I have two of these and I'd like to trade one for a different vespa performance pipe. I will trade this brand spanking new Techno pipe for your used, in good shape vespa performance pipe, straight across. A little rust is OK. I already have a Pollini Country (long) pipe so none of those. If you need a bit more low end, this could be the ticket. Post or email me a pic of what you have to offer.

Here is a pic of the the other Techno Pipe on my Grande. This pipe will not interfere with the pedals or kick stand.

Re: Vespa Performance Pipe Trade?


Vespa Performance Pipe Trade?

do you want a fake sito plus?


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