Manet Korado parts for sale

I bought a Korado off E-Bay last night and went to get the parts I needed from it this morning I left the following peices that the owner will pack and ship at reasonable prices

Frame Needs motor mount welded back on

Forks decent shape they need rubber seals on top

Pedals and crank mild rust but pedals spin nice and straight

Switches controls an handle bars looked almost complete

Rear Swing arm with the cracked off part of the motor mounts

Rear tail light looked nice

Assorted plastic pieces

If you are interested call Steve @754-368-3104

Re: Manet Korado parts for sale

E-mail sent

Re: Manet Korado parts for sale

ah i got the blue bike is dirt cheap nice

Re: Manet Korado parts for sale

Dan, you sucker. i would have had that if i didn't space on time. Those engines are awesome. my bike goes 40 with a basic pipe and 16 dellorto. have fun.

Re: Manet Korado parts for sale

Not unless your top bid was over 200

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