f/s: rolling frame


no title

NO shipping gotta come get it

NVT based frame, modified to what you see here.

hand made top tank/mounts (1/2 gal capacity), custom made fenders, hand made handlebars, green black and hammered copper finish.

the area that looks like the mounts is actually a plate made to fit into the real mounts to try and shoe-horn a tomos a35 engine into it; those brackets can be taken off, and an origional morini engine placed in there, no worries.

needs bulbs (depending upon engine put into it... and yes that's a motobecane double seat on there, everything that's on the frame in the picture is going with the frame; wheels, grips, seat, lights... anything on the frame in the pic is what you get.

front fender has dent in it along back of fron wheel, it however does not touch the tire.



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ha! bump

Re: f/s: rolling frame

i want that so bad! it's just a little bit out of my range. I have an engine to mount up and everything!! damn mid west

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heh, send me the engine, i'll ride it out to ya...

suuuurrrreeee yeah, i will realllly...

nah it's all good, but i fully understand where you're coming from.

although i did forget to mention the tubes and tires are brand new and they're 17in

i would ship the thing but it's just not really cost effective for the buyer.

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that thing looks so nice i might not even care. lol. how much would it be you think?

Re: f/s: rolling frame

i dunno right off the bat, probably 100 + via ups or the such

if anyone has an idea i'd like to know i saw a few people talking about shipping on the general topics, however i myself don't know i could try to find out since without an engine all it would be is seperate boxes one for the frame and another for the rims/tires and the handle bars.

i'll look around tonight and estimate the weight

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email sent.

Re: f/s: rolling frame

email responded to

Re: f/s: rolling frame

what did you use for the tank?

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powderpuch did u get the decals yet

Re: f/s: rolling frame

ever find out what that would cost??

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the tank is parts of a lawn mower tank (the cap area) a few actual plumbing supplies from the home depot, and a 3in. dia. blackpipe as the tank body. I capped the ends by welding steel plates in there, and then used the industrial strength body sealer (the stuff is practically impervious to solvents) to absolutely ensure a sealed tank, this thing is probably almost strong enough to use for gases like propane, the drawback is it's heavy as balls.

but it's different than most other tanks

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the quote on ups

ground is around 300

frieght is around 900

like i said not really cost effective for a frame

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wow, that does suck

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i'll entertain trades if anyone local was even had a thought about getting this frame

or if anyone knows how i can ship around 120lbs of metal and rubber without it costing an assload (ups goes by weight and say they have no such thing as a "bicycle" rate it's either freight, or land. in 2 boxes too.

the only reason i'm not using it is, i don't have a morini or minarelli engine to put into it, and i don't feel like dropping a buttload of cash on getting one for it. and the thing's too pretty to tear down and heavially modify it to use the lifan engine i do have. it was meant to be a ped, period.

and no i have to rhyme or reason, and fairly short on sense too.

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email sent.

Re: f/s: rolling frame

email responded to

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if this wasn't sold , will you sell the tank?

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unfortunately it's currently in a trade being worked out as yet

but seriously it's not a hard project undertaking, as a pipe is the main body of the tank cut 2 circles out of sheetmetal weld it and a plumbing nipple and a cap from a old lawnmower, and ta-da! new tank.

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i would make the tank in a variety of sizes if i thought i'd have a decent amount of buyer willing to spend money on the parts/time it take to do it, the same goes on doing frame modifications, but i just don't forsee a large amount of people banging down my door for it, so it's basically a hobby...

but for a fair price i'd offer my services

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Perfekt Timing Angel /

Aww, man, you should totally keep this and slap an Italian or Tomos back on it. Seriously, I'm sure someone would be willing to trade or sell ya a motor.

I'd buy it from you, but I've got my heart set on another Snark first.

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my past experience trying to gain a minarelli or morini engine...

ebay can't get one (running or not) for usually under 150 bux

on here... same story, i'm not spending 150+ on an engine i'm just gonna tear down and kit, since kits are 160+ by themselves... and most people hoard the bottom ends so when their kitted minarelli craps out they have a spare... i'd do the same thing, but i just don't have the overall resources as most, or the length of time inversted in parts collecting.

nothing against those who do, it's just not my style.

the shop i work at lets me work on things, but it's limited as to how long i can keep a project there, and however my land lord doesn't want a huge collection of moped parts taking up her basement.

otherwise i'd be parts buying left and right, and prolly have built alot more than i have.

but that's not pertaining to this frame... basically i'm going to have 2 or 3 frames on their way to me... and i feel that my next few creations hold alot of promise (a choppered snark frame is one of them) and soon won't be allowed to either keep getting new projects (which i enjoy doing) or as in this case get rid of some of the older ones

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i have a motobecane frame and wheels

no title, no speedo, no seat

very light surface rust in the tank area (still wet from gasoline in there too! but it smells like 10yr old varnish)

make offer and come get it, no shipping

trade for parts! lol handlebars, wheels etc...

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