WTB - Morini M1 seals

I need crank seals for a Morini M1. Ebay is empty.

Re: WTB - Morini M1 seals

I just got em from BJ at handy bikes. he should be able to hook you up.

Re: WTB - Morini M1 seals

Motion Industries has those thats where i got them about a year ago i rebuilt an M01 a got all the bearings and seals there

Re: WTB - Morini M1 seals

Did you ask them specifically for "morini seals" or did you give them a part type or part number reference?

Re: WTB - Morini M1 seals

Oh I see now you order my seal diameter. Do you remember which sizes you order for a total oil seal compliment?

Re: WTB - Morini M1 seals

no just bring the bearings and seals to them and they will measure them and order them

the guy at the MI near me he was so excited when i told him they were for a moped he gave me a discount i get everything i need there i let him ride my ped once and he gave me a bunch of stuff free

but i dont think theres going to be a moped loving guy at every motion industries store though

he told me the crank bearing for the puch #6202 is the most popular bearing in the world i think its the same for the morini and minarelli

Re: WTB - Morini M1 seals

I'll probably have to call and order them, doesn't seem to complicated the more I look at their site. Morini uses 6203 bearings the numbers are stamped very faintly on the bearing itself. You think their would be any harm in installed a _sealed_ and pregreased set of bearings?

Re: WTB - Morini M1 seals

yeah i noticed that after #6203 not 6202 6203 was the one thats the most common bearing in the world

Napa actually sells the 6203 and when i worked there i got a discount so i ended up paying like $1.50 each so i bought a bunch of them then i bought a bunch of seals for all my moped engines from Motions now i dont have to worry about it i have a lot of spares

i have a benelli to rebuild this spring i hope the bearings and seals are the same as the others

Re: WTB - Morini M1 seals

Timmy Southpark /

hey mopedjay,

where do you order bearings from? is there a website?

also, is there a place to buy new seals? or is that something you pretty much gotta find NOS?

Re: WTB - Morini M1 seals

Those oil seals are very hard to find, been looking since about 9pm and still no better off. The bearings are quite common and sell very cheaply, I searched for #6203 bearings on American ebay and bought a bunch of them for pittance, both sealed and open. That Motion Industries site has thousands of different products but they're kind of expensive.

Re: WTB - Morini M1 seals

Finally found some oil seals, but, out of stock :(


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