4 SALE >1979 SACH G3

Looking to sell my G3 ,, kinda run into some Money issues ( would keep otherwise)

the G3 is Solid Stock German ped (505A motor)

top speed is 28mph

I bought this from mopedlar back in June $ 500.00

looking for fast sale within the next 3 days to break even

$ 500.00 sale is only good for the Army

Only things I've done was pull the rear baffle ( still have it ) and change to the rear gear to a 42

I will be listing on craigslist and ebay for MORE.after 3days

the $500 goes up

( as solid peds like this one sell for more here in fla.)

I'll have a short video of ped tomorrow running.


Re: 4 SALE >1979 SACH G3

other side


Re: 4 SALE >1979 SACH G3



Re: 4 SALE >1979 SACH G3

that is worth 500 dollars plus all damn day long

Re: 4 SALE >1979 SACH G3

How about an impromptu raffle 60 ten dollar tickets to help a brother out and numbers assigned by the order paypal is recieved. Extra tickets to offset paypal fees.

Re: 4 SALE >1979 SACH G3

LOL Nooooo RAFFLES! we've all been there lol

Re: 4 SALE >1979 SACH G3

I wish I had the money

Re: 4 SALE >1979 SACH G3

me too

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