wtb moped in gr mich

i"m looking for a nice step thru within 200 miles of grand rapids michigan something like my 80 pa 50

Re: wtb moped in gr mich

I have a columbia commuter that I have tossed around in my head about getting rid of if the price was right. It was running about 28 mph in the fall but haven't started it this winter at all. Im sure it will pretty much start right up. It could use a new air box and possibly a new rear tail light. It is the red bike in the picture on my profile.

Re: wtb moped in gr mich

Didn't you have a similar request a month or so ago?

You might want to stop down to Founders Brewery on Grandville Ave. tomorrow (Monday) night around 6:30-7:00pm. Several of the GR area mopeders should be there, (and head to our clubhouse from there). It seems like someone always has something for sale... or know of something for sale.

Re: wtb moped in gr mich

i posted about my puch i'd sell.. but you were not interested, so its not for sale anymore

Re: wtb moped in gr mich

i could not send an e mail i like the puch something wrong with my computer

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